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In over 13 years of  of helping people start their own successful Grocery and Restaurant Delivery Businesses we have recieved our one and only Ripoff Report.  We soon found out that even if the information is totally false, Ripoff Report will not remove it even if the person who wrote it wants to take it off or says it is false!  But you can pay Ripoff Report  to "protect you".    Please watch my video for a complete explanation...Thanks.

And one of their reviews

Here is their rating

Ripoff Report found to be the #1 worst site on the internet according to Bill O'reily

Here is our rating

And one of our reviews

What our real clients have to say

  1. Maryville Delivered Goods
    Maryville Delivered Goods
  2. Keystone
  3. Florida Deliveries
    Florida Deliveries
  4. Tri-Cities
  5. Order Here Tulsa
    Order Here Tulsa
  6. Central Texas
    Central Texas
  7. Nashville Delivers
    Nashville Delivers
  8. Title 8
    Title 8
  9. Bless You
    Bless You

Thanks so much for taking the time to examine the facts.  Again, please contact me for any further explanations.  Desiree Crouse.

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